Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Mistakes you Make

Sometimes you realize in some ways your acts are irrational, based on nothing and supported by less. The problem is that sometimes you realize it too late. Also, that thing about the good side and the bad side of the brain do exist. Prove beyond considerable doubt is also a serious issue to take into account before "The Mistakes you make"

The important thing here is to realize and accept your mistake. This error can hurt someone, or hurt many; it can cripple or harm you; it can destroy what will take a long time to repair, and it can linger for hours or forever.

It's hard not to make these mistakes, because they are part of life, part of living and part of loving. Maybe triggered by unknown, unproven events. Or by a mind with too much time to think and create. Maybe triggered by that one thing someone did that hurt you so much you just yet can't forget. Other times triggered, even if its hard to believe, by unconditional emotional love! Or by all of the above.

Whatever triggers your mistakes, accept them, try to mend them, and most importantly, learn from them.

And whatever you do, please don't make the same mistake twice.



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