Monday, August 30, 2004

Another Monday!

Hello All,

Good morning to everyone. It's Monday...... Another Monday.... just like every other Monday. Why are you asking yourself, well let me give you a few tips.

Every Monday comes after a Sunday, At least here on Earth. That makes all Mondays pretty similar. Besides that every Monday can be different, still all Mondays are the same. If this is too tough for you to handle, then maybe you should not keep reading my blog!!

You know everybody uses their blog for different things, panning news, events, talking about the weather, talking about HBO programming, windows Service Packs, terrorism, etc. I use my blog to talk about what I feel, what my mood makes me write...... so you might find everything here. I hope you find that interesting and bare with me.

Ohhhhhh also I know I said I would try to write everyday, but that every day does not include Saturdays and Sundays, except if I feel to do so. It also does not include any other day I feel to take the day off..... you know... like those days you don't feel to write. Guess that at the end, it really doesnt mean everyday. Don't you feel they were too many "days" workd in the previous senteces.... I did!!!

Another thing, from now on, forget the apostrophes, just imagine when you see a dont its a don't, doesnt is doesn't, etc. Cant use the spell checker on this all the time.

Now lets talk a little about the weekend, Saturday was good, but Saturday night was just too damn good.... it was just better, outstanding, etc. No details, you only need to know I have a GF. :) So then comes Sunday...... Sunday began with Church in the Morning, Age of Mythology (The Titans Expansion) in the evening and ESPN NFL 2k5 in the night. Yeaaaaaa Totally relaxing gearing up for today...... a Monday.... just like every other Monday, but still different.

As I said, a little about the weekend!



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