Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Last Day..... Meditation Time

Hello people of the world,

Today is the last day.... not for me, not in my relationship (don't even joke about that) not the last day of the world, but the last day this government is in place in my sweet Panama!

Yes, like in everything and everywhere, every beginning has an end. We made a choice 4 years ago, the red pill or the blue pill, well it really was the her pill or the his pill. Everyone knows the choice, and knows what happened. Now, like Gloria Gaynor song, "I will survive", I must say: "We have survived"; We: as in all the Panamanian.

It has been 4 years of hard resistance. Too much corruption, impotence to be able to make a difference. But finally a change is coming. Be it good or bad, nobody knows. We just hope is better. You see, a lot of people want to blame the government, a lot of people always seem to look to blame someone or something. But really we are to be blamed the most; we as Panamanian, as citizens, indifferent to the changes whenever party is near, indifferent to the changes if they don't directly affect us, indifferent to anything occurring around "PayDay".

Sometimes I sit and wonder..... will we ever have another "Malcom X", another "Marthin Luther King", another "Cassius Clay aka. Mohammed Ali" Will we ever again have a real person who can encourage the masses to fight for a change, to end the corruption, to stand for what is right and righteous!!!

Who knows, but for know, you can follow the flow to wherever you want to go. You can stay still and do nothing, you can do something with no effect, or you can try to better yourself, for your own well being. Know think a little, if everyone try to better they self the right way... Wont we all be better people in a better country!

Know you can Reflect on that!

Bigga aka. Rusty


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