Friday, August 27, 2004

Let's Start

Hello there, hello All. Here I am trying to have a blog again........... from 2001 (my last post, which I already deleted) until know. Yea a lot of years, but I am back.

I am happy that blogger saved my profile even thought I didn't use the service in years. It's just incredible. A lot of websites should follow this practice, then a lot of other websites should not.

Today has been a good day.... friday. You always have to try to make friday a good day, because if you don't work on weekends or on saturday, then you know you will be getting some much needed rest. Unless, of course, you are a workaholic. Then you never stop working, but that is just another story.

To my friend, the particle, the atom, the proton, the electron...... no....... the molecule. Here I am Dude and remember don't go too deep.

Whoever wants to drop a line, feel free to do it, just don't be obscene because that really can piss me off!! Only I can curse on my Blog.!!

C ya later or maybe tomorrow.

R&B and Women Rule!! and then, some women Rule you!!



At 3:52 PM, Blogger rush said...

Thanks for the support. I'll expect more entries in your blog.

Peace out


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