Friday, September 24, 2004

It has been a while.

Hello Residents,

How have you been, it has been a while, exactly 17 days since my last post. What happened to me, you were wondering? Well nothing really happened, I was just busy, and still am busy.

Understand this residents, I am not the kind of person that will come and write only to fill space in this blog, or to feed you on the latest Lakers news (for that you can go to I will write: 1. When I feel, and 2: When I have something to say. So even if I have nothing to say but I still feel to write, then I will write. Which of the 2 reasons I am using now? I will leave you to figure out that.

I have been absent as I said, because I am busy man... lots of work, which is good, but doesn't allow me to write in my blog. Sometimes I had ideas and things to express and write, but didn't have the time. The result was: forgetting the topic and not writing. But like how today is friday, and its minutes to 5:00 pm, I decided to take a break on what I was doing and write.

Lots of work! Is that something good, or is that something stressful. I must say even if it might be stressful it's good, because you imagine what would you do without a work. I mean.... work is not necessary to live, but $$ money is necessary to live.... and work provides money. That's the capitalist world we live in, and if you don't like it, then there is always Cuba!

Reflect on this, would you rather have tress because of work, or have stress because you have no work? Where would your next payday come from?

I think I know what stress I prefer. Even thought stress is not good..... but that is the topic of another blog. Right?

- Right!!!

See you next Time.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A blog about nothing ... then something.

Hello Followers,

How are you doing? First let me apologize because yesterday I did not blog. My sincere "disculpas" to everyone that visits this site daily and expects to find a new blog everyday.

On the other hand, here I am... ready to write. The problem is about what, I really don't have a clue. I prepared to write and suddenly found out that I had nothing in mind. I guess that's why writers take so long to finish a book, especially if it's a good book to read. Let's not talk about the bestsellers!

Even thought some good books don't take long to write, it's rare to find a good book that took only a few weeks or months to get finished, revised, edited and published.

So much things goes into a book, it makes me wonder if I will ever want to write one, be patient enough to do it. That would be another Challenge for me.

Should I add that I wont face all challenges with so much upbeat and self-esteem if I didn't have a beautiful woman with me! Every man has a woman; every LORD has a LADY; every King has a Queen; every Oak has an Ebony and every Rusty has a Rusty-Girl. The saying says "Behind every great man there is a great woman". I don't like to say behind, I prefer to say "with" him, no matter if its behind, in front or beside. And I do have that woman.

So long everybody and remember "The Force is with you!"


Friday, September 03, 2004

The DarkSide!

Hello Juveniles,

I woke up this morning feeling a little back pain because of a bad sleeping position, but that pain quickly went away (Thank God!) and after that I just started to feel and understand, that the Real Power is on the Dark Side! Why? I don't know, it just came to my mind. Doesn't those things happen to you?? I guessed so!!

You know I am a real fan of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. Good things don't always come in three's, but this time they did. The Dark Side is the Real side of the Force.... be it Fiction or Real Life. If I had to choose I would dwell on the Dark Side. Phrases like: "Your Powers are Weak", "I find your lack of Faith Disturbing" and "don't underestimate the power of the Dark Side" are much more imposing and prevailing than a Luke Skywalker "Help me Father". I mean, do you think a "Help me Father" can get you around the mean world we live in nowadays?? Unless you are a 6'0" Sexy Bombshell with some nice ujummmm and a big ahammm it wont work.

Know imagine those phrases coming from a over 6'4" Tall big mean man Dressed Completely in black that can move things from a distance with his mind..... now that is frightening, that is respect, that is power. And that is the kind of way you want people to look at you in all levels of society. Remember have your people love you enough to follow your sayings, and be afraid enough not to raise against you in arms.

This said, I admit I prefer the Dark Side, is just the place to be. And reflecting on another thing...... Maybe in bed good things do come in three's, but then again, they not always do!!

"Resistance is Futile"


Thursday, September 02, 2004

The New Day....

Hello Dearest People,

After taking the day off yesterday (sorry baby I didn't feel like writing), here I am back again.... blogging the blog, if there is such a thing!

We had the day off here in Panama September 1st, because of the installment of a new government, so as you can imagine .... streets, clubs, casinos, discos, bars, etc were jammed packed with people. I don't know if in your country is the same, but here, if a day off or weekend is just next to a payday, you will always find all places full. So I went out to a party of one of my best friends brother's girlfriend, got that?? I usually go to that Disco-Bar all the time, and it's usually full, but that day it was just over the limit. I was just uncomfortable. Been 6'8" you got to believe is not hard for me to see or breathe in crowded places, but even if I could see and breed I was uncomfortable, it was too full. Don't get me wrong I had a good time, but it could have been better if I even had a space to walk.

The other thing I noticed, we Panamanian do drink a lot, we may not have money to pay the debts, but if you need $$ to buy a bottle of something (bearing is not alcohol 100% proof), when you pass the hat around, it will be back with more than enough money. I could just see the bottles coming and going, don't really know where the money was coming from...... but that's the story all the time the party is hot. On the down side I also saw some wasted people around the place..... not a pretty sight.... but that was that....... when I reached home there was nothing better and sweeter than my bed.

So I waked and turned on the TV and watched (after brushing my teethes and washing my face of course). Yesterday was a new beginning, another 5 years of government in my sweet Panama, all day, on all news stations, never ending stories, profiles and information about the new president, his cabinet (can be viewed somewhat like the secretaries: defense, health, etc) and the people who approve or veto each law (which can be viewed somewhat like the senate). I mean so much info, that if I didn't know one of those guys middle names and that he broke a finger nail playing marbles, I certainly do it now. Or at least would, if I had given it enough attention.

A lot of people are resting their faith in the new government for things to improve and get better, and I hope, really hope, that he can make things better. The issue is that things are in such a mess, left by the government leaving power, that very hard and harsh measures need to be used to get things back in place. And I know how Panamanian react to new hard measures which they don't find appealing.

But well that is politics and not my favorite subject. So I will leave it until there, no more politics blog in a while. So what can I say that is new funny and cool to write about. Let me think for a while.

Ok.... after 5 minutes I got to this. As none of you know (but you will know) the Lakers are my favorite NBA basketball team. Hate me or love me that is the true, and hate him or love him..... Kobe is Free. I mean, that girl went all the way on a lie just to damage the image of a person making millions. Is the only way something like this could happen so late in the case. I guess money means everything, cause she was looking for some.

For know I am signing off... Don't know if I will be back later, certainly I would be back tomorrow.....

So people, don't miss me too much ok!!