Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why not say it!

Doesn't it bother you, when you know someone has something to tell you, but he rather not say it even if you ask. He rather keep it in, or just don't talk.

I mean, you feel they have something to say, they seem to have something to say but they still won't say anything. Sometimes I guess is because they are not sure what the other person reaction will be. Other times I am pretty sure it IS because of the reaction they think the other person (or group of persons) will have. But is it better or worst to keep it shut?

Well it depends, somethings are no big deal, said now or said later. Other things are not quite that simple. Sometimes, things you don't say in time, will be the trampoline for really angry discussions later, specially when both now it should have been said before, but one person didn't find the way to say it.

At the end, communication is the basis and most important asset in any relationship. Why not use it, for the better!

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At 6:52 PM, Blogger ecyware said...

I always try to tell things, when the moment is adecuate. Being straight up is the thing, but I know sometimes, you should just shut up and let things flow.


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